I got the sweetest hangover…

hangover mummified monk

You know that ugly feeling you get when you’ve napped too long?  God!  I hate that feeling.  That groggy hangover kinda feeling, but without all the drinking fun beforehand.  It takes forever to regain some feelings of consciousness.  Man…it’s the worse.

Well…just imagine how this cat is going to feel when he wakes up.   Talk about a sleep hangover.

hangover mummified monk

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She gets…cold?!?!

she best get fries with that, too.

I noticed something weird the other day.  I’m in the van, cursing the radio as usual for playing the same old shit, when finally I decided upon the Doors’ “Break on through”.  Now that song is almost 50 years old.  Me?  I’m 44.  Needless to say, I’ve been hearing “Break on through” for a long fucking time now.

When the hell did they restore the song?  I didn’t even know the song needed to be restored.  But, apparently it did.  The version I’ve been listening to all these years?  Morrison repeats “she gets” four times toward the end before moaning as only Jim Morrison could.

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Who knew Wonder Woman’s history was so secretive?!?!?


Let’s play a game of “six degrees of separation.” I’m going to link Wonder Woman to one of the leaders of the birth control movement from the turn of last century, Margaret Sanger. Yes, that Margaret Sanger; the same woman who coined the words “birth control” and opened the first birth control clinic in 1916. Not only am I going to link the most popular superheroine of all time to Sanger, but I’m going to do it in two legitimate steps.


Ready? Here goes:

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add line cutters to the list of people who never prosper

Natalie...don't look at it!

Spoiler alert!  We’ll be talking about “chuck” in this article.  You know.  Upchuck?  Puke?  Hurl?  Heave?  Retch?  I’m sure you get where I’m going, here.  Be warned, if you’ve got a sensitive constitution, best click here to view something a bit more pleasant.

It’s amazing what a little bit of regurgitated foodstuffs can do to a gaggle of people.  Take, for instance, what happened to Natalia and your friendly neighborhood jman while we were standing in line at a Chick-Fil-A at one of our local malls.

add line cutters to the list of people how never prosperPaint, if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss this picture for yourself.   It’s the silly season, we were at a mall, and the lines at the food court were as long as the day is long (Wait a minute.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how that idiom goes.  Oh well.  You get the point.).

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It’s a freakin lightsaber! C’mon!!!


Hot on the heels of Disney/Lucasfilms release of the new Star Wars teaser trailer, your favorite fanboys, Brian Isaacs and your friendly neighborhood jman, take a long, hard look at the best 88 seconds any Star Wars fan has seen in a very long time.  And, of course, comment on all the internet rage about a certain lightsaber. 

Head on over to the fanboyfactor.com to hear how we try and talk down some Internetsland inhabitants off their Star Wars rage cliff.

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