Adventure Time. Man. Still a trippy show….


Adventure Time…still one randomly, trippy show.

Warner Brothers Entertainment and Cartoon Network recently released a new Adventure Time DVD entitled, Finn the Human. This particular collection of shows, features episodes mostly from Season 5 (but shows from Season 3 and 4 as well), are chock full of Finn-centric randomness.

Of the 16 episodes on the disc, one of the best is part of a three episode story arc. The episode, “Jake the Dog”, ties up a the story arc about the multiverse (I love the multiverse!) that began with the last episode of Season 4 (“The Lich”) and carries over into Season 5 (“Finn the Human” and “Jake the Dog”)

Head on over to to see the rest of the article, Adventure Time: Finn the Human DVD Review

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Toy Review: Zing Toys Firetek Bow and Arrow


Once again, your friendly neighborhood jman and crüe were lucky enough to get our collective hands on some “experimental” weaponry thanks to Anne and Zing toys.  Of course, by “experimental” I really mean “new”.  But, the tech this new bow and arrow set were sporting certainly makes it feel “experimental”.

toy-review-firetek-bow-18That’s because the Firetek bow and arrow set light up.

Yea.  That’s right.  Both the bow AND arrows light up.  All those nighttime skirmish where you end up loosing all your ammo?  Those days are gone.

When you grab the bow and press the button on the handle, the ends light up.  We had the bow and arrow out both dusk and night.  Although you can see the lights at dusk, the effect is way more impressive in the dark.

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Tales from the Vacation 2014: The trouble with Creamer.

new tales logo

To wind down our coverage of Tales from the Vacation 2014, your friendly neighborhood jman brings you a very special episode of the Almost Internet Famous Internet “mini” Show.  Yup…that’s right! We’re crossing the streams here!  It’s the “mini” show meets Tales from the Vacation.  All the goodness of Tales from the Vacation, without all those stupid words to make your eyes and brain hurt.

Moving pictures, I tell ya!  It’s the wave of the future…

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